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Horizon Real Estate Group is here to assist you with your commercial real estate needs. Our services include traditional Seller/Landlord and Buyer/Tenant representation. In addition, we assist our clients with tax deferred real estate transactions through our affiliate Dakota REIT.

Landlord Representation

We don’t just fill buildings, we do our due diligence and give careful consideration to tenant mix providing landlords with long term results.

Tenant Representation

We take time to listen, collaborate and truly understand clients’ needs. We seek both on market and off market opportunities to provide our clients with the most information and best space for their businesses.

Seller Representation

Our agents are trained in finance and marketing. We are creative thinkers and problem solvers. We consider highest and best use and how to position a property to achieve the best outcomes for our sellers. We don't just shoot from the hip. Horizon is a data-driven company and keeps a pulse on the market and where it is going. With our affiliate DAKOTA REIT, the door is open for tax-deferred exchanges.

Buyer Representation

Whether you are a real estate investor looking for interesting investment opportunities or a a business owner seeking a site specific to your business’ needs, we are here to provide you the high quality, detail-oriented service you are looking for. Our relationships provide us with a unique opportunity to find on and off market properties to suit your needs. We recognize real estate is not a one size fits all industry and provide our clients with flexibility, creativity, and reliability. We think long term considering the entire cycle of the deal from concept planning to the future disposition of the property. We equip you with all the information you need to be confident in your purchase.




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